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Becoming a part of Mekoprint you will experience a culture full of collaboration and lots of curiosity. A workplace with a continuous focus on improvements and full of opportunities where you can unlock your potential.


You see, as a family-owned business, we’re in it for the long run. With future generations in mind, we constantly look for smarter, leaner, and greener ways to make our mark while boosting both businesses and the green transition.


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Our employee promises

As a family-owned company, we care about our employees where all are considered part of the Mekoprint family. 


We defined 4 promises to all of our employees. It’s the minimum of what you can always expect from working with us.

  • Your private life and your work at Mekoprint should be integrated. Therefore, we will do our best to ensure a good balance between your work life and private life, based on you and where you are in life.

  • We think big, in a small way.


    We guarantee a very special team collaboration, where you will experience a high delegation of responsibility for decisions and execution to both the team and the individual colleague. 

  • We guarantee a highly development-oriented work environment with exciting career opportunities for those who are willing. 


    You can expect a manager, who is interested in your succes and development both personally and professional. 

  • Curiosity takes ud further, and it thought us everything we know. 


    You can expect your colleauges to be curious at your person as well as your work.


    We prefer questions we don't already have the answer to, because it allows us to challenge business as usual and think ahead. 


Student and internship opportunities

Our culture

Where there’s a will, there’s a new way

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