I have grown with the company


My career began at Mekoprint when I started my apprenticeship as an industrial technician, gaining practical experience in the milling department. After my apprenticeship, my role changed to being a programmer and I’m currently working in PTF, production technical preparation. My close familiarity with the machines gives me a solid understanding of my tasks.

"There is a culture here that doesn't fear the unknown but embraces it with open arms."

Engineering Technician

Christian Viggo Johansen

Collaboration across departments

Curiosity drives innovation 


We always strive to stay updated with the latest programming techniques and constantly seek ways to optimize our processes. 


There is a culture here that doesn’t fear the unknown but embraces it with open arms. We experiment with new methods and technologies to find the most effective solutions. Our leader plays a crucial role by always encouraging us with his “go for it” mindset.



I never run out of areas to explore


Fun fact


When I'm not at work, I enjoy riding my motorcycle or trying my best at spearfishing with friends.