Everything that needs to be custom-made comes through us


In my daily work, I operate in the workshop alongside my close colleagues, who are either toolmakers or tool technicians. Our main task is to maintain, repair, and improve the many tools used in production at our factories in Aalborg and Poland.


Production never stands still and evolves in line with exciting customer requests from both domestic and international markets. Therefore, days in the workshop are rarely the same as we adapt and modify the tools for various purposes.

Driven by curiosity

Collaboration is the key to success


Handling tools and fixtures from many departments in production makes collaboration a crucial part of my daily routine. Understanding the function and purpose of a tool is essential for me to repair or optimize it effectively.


Therefore, I have long learned that, before starting a task, it is crucial to clarify the situation with colleague who uses the tool daily. When we collaborate, we simply succeed better with our tasks.

Freedom and change make Mekoprint a great workplace


My daily routine cannot be scheduled, and I never know for sure what tasks the day will bring. This suits me perfectly as I thrive on challenges, keeping my day exciting. At the same timg,


I enjoy considerable freedom in how I approach my tasks, and I thrive in this flexibility. 

Fun fact


When I'm not working, I spend a lot of time volunteering. It's a passion of mine because it allows me to make a difference and challenge myself in new areas.