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In Mekoprint we consider our skilled and committed employees as our most important asset. If you would like to be a part of our great workplace, please apply for one of our vacancies below.


If you have competences beyond what we are looking for in our job openings that can contribute to our continued growth, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.


Apply unsolicited (production)


Apply unsolicited (administration)



Grafisk tekniker eller Serigraf   |   Location: Støvring, Denmark   |   Application deadline: none

Produktionsmedarbejder til nathold    |   Location: Støvring, Denmark   |   Application deadline: August 11, 2024

When you apply for a job with us

When we look for new colleagues, we initiate a recruitment process.


Here you can see what the process will look like when you apply for a vacancy with us. There will be instances where we deviate from these steps, but this is only to ensure that we find the right match.


If you apply unsolicited, you will receive a receipt with a message that we will contact you if we see a match between your skills and a forthcoming position at Mekoprint.

  • All applications/CVs must be received via our recruitment system, Elvium.
    To send your CV or an application, it is necessary to register as a user.


    You can expect to hear from us no later than 14 days after the application deadline. 


    In some cases, we invite for interviews on an ongoing basis, i.e., before the application deadline. If so, this will be stated in the job posting.

  • If you are invited for a job interview, you will receive a call from the recruiting manager or HR, where we will arrange when to meet for the interview.

  • We greatly appreciate that you are considering Mekoprint as your future workplace. Therefore, we will make an effort to thoroughly inform you about Mekoprint as a workplace, so you can decide if it is the right place for you. We also expect you to give us a real impression of who you are as a potential future colleague.


    We appreciate that you have prepared some questions for us, which you will have the opportunity to ask during the interview.


    Before the job interview, it would be a good idea to prepare for the following:

    • Why did you apply for the job? 
    • What have you worked on previously that you can bring to this job?
    • Where do you find challenges in relation to this job?
    • Who are you as a person and where can you develop personally?
  • Job interviews typically last between 45-60 minutes, depending on the position. In some cases, more time may be needed for the first interview; if so, you will be informed about how long to expect to spend on the interview.


    If you are applying for a position in production, there is typically one interview. 


    If you are applying for a position in administration, there are typically two interviews. If we want to see you for another interview, you will receive a call inviting you to the second interview.

  • If you are invited to a second interview, you will need to complete one or two tests before the second interview. You will be informed about this when you are invited to the second interview.


    We use a personality analysis and possibly a cognitive test. Both tests are used to give a more nuanced picture of you, but it will never be the result of the test that determines whether you are the right candidate or not. 


    The second interview will be based on feedback from your test/tests, where we will discuss your scores.


    At the second interview, you will typically have the opportunity to meet one or more of your future colleagues and/or see the department you may join. If so, you will be informed about this before the interview.


    The second interview typically lasts 90 minutes.

  • We always offer the job to the most qualified candidate. In our assessment, personality always counts highly, because it is important that a future colleague fits not only professionally but also personally and socially within the team.


    If you have been to a job interview with us, you will always hear from us by phone afterwards. This applies whether it is a job offer or a rejection.


    All applicants who have not been to an interview for a position they applied for will receive a written rejection.

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