Leading new ways together

"Treading in the footsteps of others will never lead to new horizons.”

Founder of Mekoprint A/S

Erland Kold

Our values

The improvement culture at Mekoprint will always be lived out in different ways in each team, division and country, but the common ground is our four core values.


Unfold the values and read the characteristics that are considered our general guidelines for how we work.

  • Curiosity is our “spearhead value” that, among other things, drives interest and ideas for our customers, ways to work smarter and more sustainably.

    In addition, we are curious to understand and meet each other’s differences in a positive and stimulating collaboration. 

  • We are ambitious in translating knowledge into new and better processes, solutions, and industry standards for what matters. 


    We strive for daily improvements but remember to involve and align expectations for new endeavours with each other.

  • We are known for delivering on our promises – both internally and externally, with clear roles  and responsibilities to succeed as a team. 

    We acknowledge that errors or delays can  occur. But we take immediate corrective action – and focus on the learning that can prevent them in the future.

    We value and respect each other’s differences as colleagues and all stakeholders around us, from customers to suppliers and partners.

    We take responsibility for our own work, a safe and motivating working environment and our shared impact on society.

  • We are resolute with a high level of delegation of responsibility for decisions and execution to both teams and individual colleagues.

    That is why we are committed to making things happen as soon as the team involved has agreed on a plan for good collaboration. We do this by continuously aligning expectations and, in a trust-based way, supporting actions, well-being and continuous improvements in the task flow.


    We know that speed is a crucial competitive parameter, and a lot needs to be clarified and learnt along the way rather than knowing all the details in advance.

We think big in small teams


We think big and act fast. In many ways, we’re like a hybrid company – uniting the technology palette of an enterprise group with the agility and accessibility of a small company.


Our experienced tech experts and specialist teams are fueled by ‘what ifs’ in their hunt for ‘how tos’ – and they blaze trails every single day. Because we believe that where there’s a will, there’s a new way.

Co-creating sustainable business


As a family-owned business, we’re in it for the long run. For generations. With future generations in mind, we constantly look for smarter, leaner, and greener ways to make our mark while boosting both businesses and the green transition.


We make it our business to be a proactive sparring partner to our customers. And in the ever-evolving technology landscape, they can count on our decency, honesty, and reliability. In every way.

Curiosity has been in our DNA since 1954

We've built our entire business on breaking new ground and finding new ways. This is our history of leading new ways towards better business and a brighter future for your and our business. 

  • Our founded Erland Kold started his career in a consumer cooperative. And this customer-centric approach has shaped our DNA – to go out and find the solutions that the customer needs. 

  • We implemented cutting-edge technologies in printing and metal processing to support high-growth markets within automotive industry, home appliances, and computers.

  • We were the first company in Denmark to receive triple ISO certification, covering quality, environmental, and social standards, to ensure the highest levels of excellence and documented processes.

  • As technology leaders, we were quick to embrace the emerging digital technologies, too. Making our production even more effective and flexible, we were the first company in Denmark to achieve fully digitalisation of our production.

  • We continue to lead new ways to enhance your business success and simplify your decision-making process. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, reflecting our dual commitment as a responsible manufacturer and as a dedicated partner with transparency and thorough documentation to facilitate your decisions.


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