"We want to be a pioneer in the development of a more sustainable future. This requires both short-term actions and long-term investments as an integrated part of our strategy."

CEO, Mekoprint

Anders Kold



At Mekoprint, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and CO2 emissions. We achieve this by decreasing resource consumption and enhancing sustainability through optimized product development, logistics, and supply chain management, as outlined in the ESG report. Our efforts are supported by annual supplier sustainability and quality assessments, ensuring thorough reporting and mitigation of environmental impacts.



Social responsibility is integral to our culture. We are committed to being a great workplace with independent teams. This includes promoting human rights and fostering a collaborative, inclusive work environment. Our high standards extend to our suppliers, as outlined in the "Mekoprint Partner Code of Conduct." Additionally, we prioritize long-term support for children and young people by fostering local job opportunities and supporting volunteer initiatives for youth development.



At Mekoprint, governance means responsible management with clear roles and procedures, as outlined in our ISO 9001:2015 Management System. The Board of Directors oversees governance through annual risk assessments, strategy updates, and action planning. Since 2012, our Code of Conduct has guided ethical cooperation between Mekoprint, its employees, and suppliers, ensuring our operations align with our commitment to act responsibly and fairly towards all stakeholders.

Selected 2022/2023 ESG highlights and achievements

We want to be a sustainable frontrunner

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Our ESG responsibilities are directly tied to our strategy, with the Mekoprint Management Team holding overall accountability.

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Sustainable transparency streamlines your decision-making and documentation processes. That's why leading the way in sustainable reporting is a top priority for us. This commitment includes providing reliable and well-documented quality assurance.

  • ESG report 2022-2023

    Mekoprint Code of Conduct

    Partner code of conduct

  • ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 14001:2015

    ISO 45001:2018

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    Mekoprint Cables PL - ISO 14001

    Mekoprint Cables PL - ISO 45001

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