My daily life at Mekoprint


Daily, I am responsible for a range of tasks, including handling new projects when a customer presents a need for producing components. My role involves the technical part of the process, which can include everything from clarifying customer demands, the functionality of the component, and developing prototypes to the general assessment of the production process.


Teamwork, technology, and communication describe my daily life. When collaborating with customers, several team members are always involved in different stages of the process. Therefore, it is crucial that we communicate internally and ensure that the task is completed in the best possible way.

Our environment contributes to good collaboration

A varied and challenging job


With my inquisitive nature, I thrive at Mekoprint, where curiosity is valued, and we are encouraged to ask questions and challenge the status quo when appropriate. It is in Mekoprint’s DNA to see development potentials, which is why my tasks also evolve naturally.


There is nothing in my job that can be “just” done and checked off. It requires reflection, precision in calculations, and close collaboration with colleagues and customers. It is precisely this complexity in my work that appeals to me.



Surrounded by good colleagues 


My job is greatly influenced by meeting cheerful colleagues in the hallways and the canteen every day. The daily miles and small conversations across departments make me feel comfortable. It is the close collegial community challenging tasks that make Mekoprint a good workplace for me.


I have never experienced a workplace that values well-being as highly as here. In addition to four annual well-being surveys, we are also good at monitoring each other’s workloads daily. This creates a sense of security.

Fun fact


I have three telescopes at home because, as a trained physicist, I find astrophysics very fascinating.