My workday at Mekoprint


My daily life as a Key Account Manager revolves around the customer responsibilities I have. This includes a wide range of tasks, such as dialogue and trade with existing customers, as well as proactive sales directed at new, potential customers.


I work in the business area that specializes in the development and production of customized printed electronics. One of my important tasks is to ensure that the collaboration within the team and with the customers functions well. This involves a strong focus on mapping out processes, setting prices, and generally ensuring good communication across the team.

Without collaboration, we don’t succeed

As a subcontractor, we are often involved in the customer's process from an early development stage. This requires our team to handle a wide range of tasks – from communication and support to technical engineering work.


We strive to ensure that strong teamwork within the team leads to positive dialogue and relationships with the customers. In this way, we also take responsibility for the process all the way to end production. We create together – both internally and externally.

With curiosity, we understand each other better


When I arrive at work, I work with colleagues who have different educations and master different skills. Therefore, it is crucial for the team that we remain open and curious about each other's work methods and mindsets so that we understand and learn from our differences.


The same applies to the dialogue with both familiar and new customers. It is important for me to understand their needs and the industry they are in. I can only do this with a more holistic approach to collaboration than just having a sharp focus on the process and finished products.

We feel good when we go to work


For me, it is quite clear that employee well-being is a high priority at all levels of the company – from the management and leadership to all of us in general. This is evident in both satisfaction surveys, social events, and the atmosphere in the canteen.


I find that we are accommodating towards each other, yet never shy away from challenging ways of thinking and work practices in the hope that together we can find an even better solution.

Fun fact


In my free time, I love speed and team sports. I play on a senior football team, but I should be playing in the "old boys" league, making me clearly the oldest player on the team.