A versatile everyday life at PTF


When I arrive at work, I enter a varied day with diverse tasks. As a Design Engineer, I’m involved in communicating with the customer or subcontractor at various stages of the process, depending on the task.


This ranges from pricing customer inquiries, setting up orders in our systems, creating drawings for special tools, to following up on the production process.



Teamwork is as natural as morning coffee. 


As a newly arrived colleague, I benefit from Mekoprint’s helpful culture, where my colleagues are always willing to answer my questions or guide me. I find that collaboration is a completely natural part of our daily life, where the general attitude is that we achieve the best results together.


As an employee in PFT, production technical preparation, I have many different points of contact, both internally and externally. The fact that my colleagues prioritize collaboration equips me to deliver the best calculations and results to the customer.

An exciting and challenging everyday life

When I feel comfortable at work, I develop professionally


We treat each other well in the workplace, and there is a good atmosphere and tone everywhere I go. I’m confident that our social bonds play a significant role in my professional development.


Looking back on how far I’ve come since joining Mekoprint, the difference is remarkable. I look forward to coming to work because I know it will be an exciting day among great colleagues. That’s what makes Mekoprint a great workplace for me.

Fun fact


I live on a motorboat in Aalborg with my wife, because we love sailing and the community and social life in a marina.