Looking for new ways to enhance your HMI solution? New paths to exceptional user experience?

Then you've come to the right place—the home of HMI specialists. We develop and manufacture user interfaces, keypads, control panels, HMIs.


With Mekoprint as your HMI partner, you can rest assured that you'll receive the right solution for your product. We listen. We ask questions. We generate ideas—fresh, innovative, yet feasible ideas—and bring them to life.


As your HMI development and manufacturing partner, we blend innovation with practicality. Your benefit: faster to the right solution, smooth development process, sustainable solution with Scandinavian edge.  

Membrane switch keypad with embossed keys for medical equipment
Silicone rubber keypad for forlift trucks with LED status light
  • Embark on an HMI design journey from concepts to finished HMI solutions. When you choose our design services, you work with our design & engineering team, experts in keypad materials, design, and construction. Your benefit: a seamless extension to your R&D, saving time in your development process. Learn more about how our HMI design can benefit your projects.

  • Membrane switch or foil keypads combine slim construction with high degree of design flexibility. With a seamless surface, membrane switch keypads are ideal for environments that demand regular cleaning and disinfection, Crafted sustainably, Mekoprint's foil keypads prioritize optimal material use, production efficiency, and usability. More about membrane switch keypads

  • Silicone rubber keypads known for their durability and versatility: They are thus perfect for demanding conditions and applications that require solid tactile response. They offer vast design possibilities, from leveled and curved surfaces to 3D shapes, enabling high customization and aesthetic enhancement of your product. Explore more about silicone rubber keypads.

  • For effortless HMI integration, our complete HMI solutions are the ideal choice. These plug-and-play modules come complete with keypads, displays, electrical layers, cables, housing, and more. This simplifies your production process with a single point of contact. Your benefits: streamlined HMI development, time-saving process, and our full management of the tolerance chain for peace of mind and reliability. More about complete HMI solutions

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  • Keypad technologies and materials
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HMI development made simple: the six building blocks of a keypad

Silicone rubber allows for advanced 3D shapes and endless colour variations. 

More on silicone rubber keypads 

Colour print, tinted materials, translucent materials. Options are many.

Consult our designers for the best and most sustainable HMI solution. 

Membrane switch keypad mounted on a plastic housing. 

More on HMI sub-assemblies and complete solutions

Membrane switch keypad with embossed keys and high-gloss key outline. 

More info on membrane switch keypads

Industrial keypad with silicone rubber keys and polyester front overlay with display window

Combine keypad materials, e.g. polyester overlay and silicone rubber keys, 

Check our HMI design for more design inspiration. 

Complete HMI solution for a medical grip-strengthening glove. 

Learn more about the case. 

Cover glass combined with a touch foil create robust industrial touch panels, with a sleek, minimalistic design. More on cover glass and industrial touch panels here. 

Keypads are often the first touchpoint between your product and its user . Always look for new ways to enhance your UX.

At Mekoprint, we understand that the essence of any great product lies in its interaction with the user. Our design and engineering specialists are dedicated to mastering the art of HMI and keypad design. Their goal is to ensure that the touchpoint between your product and its users is intuitive, durable, and tailored to your requirements.


Choosing Mekoprint as your HMI development and manufacturing partner is more than picking a supplier; it's about entering a partnership that prioritizes your product's user experience above all. That's our approach to every HMI project we take on.

Domenic B. Nielsen
Business Development Manager, HMI & Industrial Graphics

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