From drawing to finished component

Our in-house production technogies for your sheet metal solutions

The earlier you involve us in your development process, the better we can support the solution. We ask the right questions and point out important factors to consider. So please make use of our discovery stage as early as possible.

  •  We laser cut both small and large series sizes and even the most complex geometries.

     We have the possibility to use custom laser cutting in aluminium and materials such as iron, coated iron, stainless steel and copper.

    •  The maximum plate size are 1500 x 3000 mm.
  • We do metal stamping in materials up to 6mm thickness, efficiently handling both small and large batch sizes.

    Our approach to metal stamping combines precision and speed, ideal for producing complex parts with features like holes, embossing, and threading, all while maintaining competitive rates and reducing waste.

    Our dedicated team is on standby to provide expert advice and tailored solutions, ensuring your project's success with our comprehensive stamping options. 


    If your demand is more than 10.000 pcs. per year, then we also suggest you look at our high volume deep drawing and punching solutions.

  •   The process is carried out by placing a metal plate between an over-die which is shaped like a wedge and a sub-die which is shaped like a V. Then the two tools are pressed together around the metal plate with a large force causing a bend in the material. 

    We can support your every need in  sheet bending as a manual process or as a fully automated process on our automatic machines.


    We do this in many different raw materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper etc.

    • We bend up to 3000 mm in the length.
  • You may have the desire for a nice, smooth surface, and avoid burrs and sharp edges. We offer high-quality deburring for our product.


    We do this as an automated process within the following limitations:

    • Max. height: 25 mm
    • Max. width: 1300 mm
    • Max. length: 2000 mm
  •  Mekoprint offers welding of all common materials such as:

    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless steel

    Mekoprint’s skilled welders and precise welding robot are certified in the different processes and can guarantee welds of the best quality.


    Read more about larger total solutions and mechanical systems.

  •  Surface treatment is a particularly well-suited measure against corrosion, which is an unintended degradation of, amongst other things, metals by the effect of air or water. Most of us know this problem as rust on iron and steel.


    To prevent corrosion, it is a good idea to maintain and protect your products so that they last for many years. There are different kinds of surface treatments which can prevent corrosion or to offer a visually pleasing product.

    Our state-of-the-art technology inventory has many surface treatment methods such as:

    • Powder coating
    • Wet coating
    • Anodising
    • Passivation with Surtec 650


    If your product require other surface treatments, then we  work with leading suppliers around the world to make sure to deliver according your demand.

"At Mekoprint, our succes is measured in how succesful your product is. It is our goal to make it easy for you to develop your business together with us."

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