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How complete can an HMI assemby be?

You decide. We tailor our offering to your specification. Here are some of the most typical scenarios that an HMI assembly can have.

  • For easy mechanical assembly at your end, keypad on a backplate is a very common HMI solution. The keypad is typically a membrane switch or a silicone rubber keypad. The backplate is either metal or plastic, backing or housing - depending on the nature of your product and type of assembly in your production. 

  • A more complex scenario for effortless mechanical integration could include several functional layers built into the keypad construction and mounted on a housing. e.g. EMC shielding, light blocks, etc.

  • A solution with more advanced mechanical and electrical integration. The HMI assembly provides both input and output components. 

  • A module scenario is typically a more finished, independent input device, ready for electrical integration with your product. It is a complete unit including keypad, display, PCB, wiring, etc. 

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Thomas R. Lænner

A membrane keypad with an integrated display window. The keypad is back-mounted on a plastic housing. Get in touch with us to learn which HMI solutions are most suitable for your product. 

A wearable and washable silicone rubber keypad complete with a rigid-flex bendable circuitry, water-tight gasket, and wiring. Learn more about the Bioservo case

A multilayer HMI assembly for building access control. Key elements: front foil with embossed keys, EMC shielding, light block, PCB, plastic housing. Watch our HMI webinar for more details

An HMI assembly as a control panel in a sound measuring device. Key elements of the solution: silicone rubber keypad, display, and circuitry - ready to be assembled with the rest of the product. Watch our HMI webinar for more details

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Save R&D time & resources

Use your R&D resources in the most optimal way. You can focus on your core tasks, and leave HMI development to us. You have one partner to handle development process, component sourcing, materials expertise, prototyping, testing, logistics - all in one place. 

Simplify supply chain

An HMI assembly supplied by us ensures a smooth and efficient supply chain and quality management at your end. You deal with one supplier who handles the entire tolerance chain, documentation and testing of the complete HMI assembly. 

Time-saving assembly

In your production line, you have one point of contact between your product and the HMI assembly. This saves time in manufacturing and quality management process. 

Case: Engineering of a wearable HMI for Bioservo

Domenic B. Nielsen
Business Development Manager, HMI & Industrial Graphics

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