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At Mekoprint, we take pride in our versatile production capabilities, tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you need high-volume signage or smaller series and prototypes, our flexible setup ensures that we can accommodate projects of any scale with precision and efficiency. 

With our specialized knowledge in products and technology, material selection, and assessment we're dedicated to providing tailored solutions throughout your production journey. Through open dialogue, our design center offers expert guidance, focusing on user-friendly solutions that perfectly align with your unique demands.

Customised metal name plates

Explore some of the benefits of name plates and scale solutions

  • We offer a unique set-up for the production of high-volume signs and scales, as well as for the production of smaller series and prototypes. Our automated setup produces industrial signs, both printed and non-printed. 

  • We specialize in manufacturing metal nameplates with precision and care, offering a range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium (in coloured or natural finishes), brass, and bronze, with thicknesses spanning from 0,3 mm to 2,0 mm. Leveraging our expertise in screen printing colours and raw materials, we consistently deliver exceptional results.


    Similarly, for our scale solutions, we employ a diverse selection of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium (available in coloured or natural variants), and brass, with thickness options ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 mm, ensuring quality and versatility across our product offerings.

  • Printed or engraved QR Codes on a metal nameplate opens a new range of possibilities for easier specification of e.g. software versions, product configuration etc. Likewise, the QR Code gives the possibility to create a direct communication channel between the user of the product at hand by creating a closer connection between customer and supplier.

  • Each sign and scale is unique. Mekoprint's design team offers guidance on sign and scale layout. Numbering, such as type, series, or batch numbers, can be screen printed or laser engraved based on your preferences. We deliver precision laser engraving of both metal and plastic nameplates with text, logos, and graphics. 

  • The sign or scales can be packaged individually to avoid scratching and handling damage or be delivered with a protective foil. If requested, we offer customized packaging and the possibility for recycled options.

  • We manage all processes in-house, ensuring swift delivery and consistent quality. Typically, we deliver in 6-7 workdays depending on the product processing.

  • We offer sign production with adhesive mounting on the back for easy mounting. 

Customer Story: Krohne Group's partnership with Mekoprint

High-end brass sign designed to enhance the product's image and convey quality. The brass can be supplied with or without lacquer, depending on the desired aesthetic preference of the customer.

A single printed anodized sign, sealed to ensure durability. The color complements the company's branding and is prepared for customer engraving.

Metal seamometer for quick assessment and measurement of various items.

Printed and die-cut scales with multiple colours for quick and safe instrument reading.

Anodised sign that is printed with two colours and then sealed on the surface, resulting in a highly durable and wear-resistant finish.

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For your inspiration, we'll be happy to send you some examples of our metal nameplates and industrial, machine and metal signage solutions.

Henrik Groes
Area Sales Manager, Micromechanics

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