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Make sure you specify your label correctly

Consider the environment the label will be exposed to: Does it need to remain clearly visible and readable throughout the product's lifespan? Is your product subject to specific labeling requirements?

Although a label might seem like the smallest, least functional part of your product, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences and costs if an inadequate label impairs your product’s functionality.


Broadly speaking, we distinguish between two types of labels: front side printed and back side printed. The choice between these depends on the requirements mentioned above.

  • Materials: PVC or polyester <0.1mm

    Function: mainly decorative purposes

    Lifetime: subject to specification and choice of material

    Application: ideal for curved or structured surfaces

  • Materials: polycarbonate or polyester >0.1mm

    Function: instruction, identification, warning/safety marking

    Lifetime: durable - with possibility for additional surface finishes and customised adhesive backings

    Application: ideal for demanding environments

Colours on labels often communicate your brand identity. It is important to maintain consistent colour matching across different materials. Our ISO-certified color accuracy processes ensure consistency with every batch.

Make sure you choose the right label material. The example shows a backside-printed polyester label for automotive industry are designed to resist moisture, UV light, and dirt, ensuring readability for decades.

We deliver labels in the format most suitable for your production line, whether die-cut on rolls, sheets, or as stamped formats.

If your label design requires multiple colors and nuances, digital printing is the most suitable option. For extra durability, digitally printed labels can be laminated. 

Your imagination is virtually the only limit to the design possibilities with our label production. The combination of production technologies, film and foil materials, adhesives, and inks provides a vast array of opportunities.

Here is a graphic label used on offshore wind turbines, exposed to sea salt, moisture, and UV light. The key to durability lies in the correct choice of label material, surface treatment, and adhesive—our areas of expertise.

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Domenic B. Nielsen
Business Development Manager, HMI & Industrial Graphics

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