Customised capacitive touch sensors for your industry needs

The transparent or translucent foil allows for a uniform backlit interface. Backlighting creates homogeneous illumination of symbols

Produced roll-to-roll in our Danish automated production. Delivered to you on rolls, sheets, or punched items for your further processing.

The choice of inks are based on the needed level of functionality, quality, and price. You may benefit from a number of already tested and proven inks, or we may investigate new inks to fit your specific application.

 There is complete freedom to design, size and shape the electrode area as it can be adapted to any interface design.

The sensors are produced with flexible and pliable polymer foils which makes them well suited for use on curved and irregular surfaces.

Should the capacitive sensor behind the glass or plastic plate be masked so it appears with a uniform black or white colour when switched off? Make the symbols 100 % invisible with print of a coloured deadfront.

Mekoprint production facilities enable screen printing of narrow conductive silver traces down to 50 μm – equivalent to half the width of a strand of hair.

 Use capacitive touch sensors to turn monochrome, homogeneous, and curved surfaces into interactive control panels. Ask us about possibilities within backlighting and optical appearance.

Functionality behind the touch

Building blocks of capacitive touch sensors

Globally competitive and scalable production

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