Unique mix of components and competences

Our portfolio is built on decades of market experience, offering nine different electronic and mechanical component categories and more than 40 production technologies. Our 10 production sites and more than 20 global production partners are dedicated to tailor solutions that ensure your product's success in the market.
  • Printed Electronics

    Custom-engineered printed sensors and circuits manufactured in scalable and automated roll-to-roll production.


    See printed electronics

  • EMC and EMI shielding

    Advanced engineered EMC/EMI shielding solutions for critical electronic protection.


    See EMC/EMI shielding

  • Cable and Wire Harness

    Customised cable and harness components for cost-effective, scalable production, and easy integration.


    See cable and wire harness

  • Industrial Graphics

    Graphic solutions enhancing product identity and late customization.


    See industrial graphics

  • HMI

    Expert HMI design and manufacture for superior user experiences.


    See HMI solutions

  • Micro Components

    Precision micro components in metal and plastic for various industries.


    See micro components

  • Enclosures

    Milled and sheet metal enclosures, crafted through stamping and laser cutting, according to highest quality standards. 


    See enclosures

  • Metal Parts

    Customized metal solutions: sheet metal, deep drawing, milled parts.


    See metal parts

  • Box Build Assembly

    Integrated box build assembly for complete electromechanical solutions.


    See box build assembly

New ways to bring technology to life

We specialize in electronic and mechanical components at various levels of complexity and assembly, tailored to your needs. We integrate seamlessly into your value chain wherever required. Our areas of expertise include:

At Mekoprint, we organize into agile teams of specialists, including industrial designers, engineers, and machine operators. Each team excels in their field, committed to delivering the most optimal solution for your product. Reliable quality is the backbone of all our activities, ensuring excellence in every project.


How do we lead new ways? By being both inventors and doers. By being curious and proactive. Our tech experts thrive on exploring 'what ifs' to find innovative 'how-tos.' Sustainability is our guiding principle for the future, reinforcing our belief that where there's a will, there's a new way—from concept to production.


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