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Engaging us at the beginning of your development process results in superior micro-component solutions. We ask insightful questions and emphasize crucial factors. Therefore, connect with us during the discovery stage as early as possible—it's a valuable hour for both of us.


  • An essential part of any micro component development project is the discovery phase. During this phase, we ask questions, you present your requirements, and together we scope the project. 


  • In the ideation phase, the goal is to determine the appropriate design direction and can involve activities such as ideation workshops.
  • During the design phase, we focus on the chosen design direction, working out the details of the solution, including material specifications and unit pricing. 


  • Design verification provides tangible proof of concept. This phase may involve creating prototypes, conducting functionality tests, and assembling initial parts.



  • In this phase, we concentrate on mechanical drawings, material specifications, and tolerances to ensure the requirements for stable production are met.

  • At this stage of development, we validate the production setup and capabilities, producing the initial out-of-tool parts for the customer's first acceptance test. 


  • The life cycle engineering phase offers an extensive list of services, all designed to ensure your product's continuous success throughout its lifespan.


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"At Mekoprint, we tackle every development task with precision and dedication. Precision in mastering the right technologies, and dedication to ensuring your project's success."

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