Graphic decals and labels are used for brand recognition and differentiation in this case. 

Graphic decals and labels serve many purposes. In this project, our long-term customer is a leading manufacturer of trucks. For their new electric line of trucks, they chose to use decals and labels on the bodywork of their trucks to differentiate the new vehicles from the existing ones.

"We feel proud of being part of our customer's sustainable story with the introduction of their electric trucks."

Sales Director, Mekoprint

Morten Kjær

Nameboards on trucks are covered with graphic decals. The boards are backlit at night. During daytime the appearance remains just as clear thanks to a special digital printing process that we have developed for this case. 

Considering the entire value chain

Initially, the customer had an idea of the materials for the decals and labels. But our designer found an alternative which ensures an efficient production and cost-effective solution for the customer. Besides material choice, we have been involved in designing the labels for easy and time-saving mounting.  Furthermore, we have helped our customer and their part suppliers simplify their mounting process, so they can save time on applying the labels to the trucks.

More than just a label

How hard can it be? Configuring the right label solution that meets all of the above requirements is not an easy task. The consequence in using a less suitable label material can mean many production hours wasted. Or delivering a label that is not durable for outdoor use can have huge economic consequences once the trucks are out on the roads.

"We are also building our own sustainable position, with already implemented sustainable packaging and working on initiatives that will make our production CO2-neutral by 2025."

Sales Director, Mekoprint

Morten Kjær

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