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Give your cover glass a capacitive touch

Cover glass fronts with capacitive touch foil, as 3D stack-up render

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Acrylic cover glass featuring a deadfront effect serves a dual function: it acts as a protective front for glass displays and as a graphic front for the HMI solution

Acrylic cover glass with a deadfront effect not only protects glass displays but also enhances user experience, highlighting the active icons for the HMI solution.

Cover glass with capacitive touch sensors are also called touch on glass or capacitive touch panels. Perfect for devices requiring simplistic, minimalistic front. 

If you add a touch sensor foil at the back of a cover glass, you can achieve a highly robust and minimalistic control panel, ideal for devices that are exposed to demanding conditions such as humidity, UV light or dust. 

Digital printing on cover glass offers countless design possibilities, enabling you to achieve a decorative and robust front with high functional performance.

Domenic B. Nielsen
Business Development Manager, HMI & Industrial Graphics

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