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What makes us stand out? Well, for starters, with more than 25 years of experience, we're often the go-to choice in the Nordic market for producing high-precision quality components with diameters as tiny as 0.1 mm. in various types of materials. 

But we don't stop there – we're experts at turning as well as milling, so we can optimize cross-technology, often leading our customers' new ways to optimize the product and the production. 


With more than 30 CNC-controlled machines, we're equally skilled at manufacturing larger items, with diameters up to 52 mm and lengths up to 500 mm. Whether it's screws, bolts, nuts, or complex micro-parts, precision is our priority, no matter the size or function.

And here's the best part: we're not just about making components. We also offer assembly services, using our expertise in manual processes and product testing to ensure your end product is top-notch. So whether you need a single component or a fully packaged product ready for distribution, Mekoprint has got you covered.

Why choose Mekoprint? Let's brake it down

Most importantly - engage us early starting with your development journey for rapid prototyping and optimal design for turning and milling-based manufacturing.

  • We offer design and development expertise to support you in the production of your micro machined component. From initial idea and concept development to construction, we provide guidance on component refinement for production, offering support through prototyping to full-scale production.

  • We produce precision milled and turned components in various materials such as brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and Mu-metal, alongside processing of specialized materials. Additionally, we meticulously machine a range of plastic materials including PEEK, PTFE, POM, Nylon, and Tecamid with the same high level of precision.

  • In certain areas of our production process, we utilize controlled climate rooms to maintain tight tolerances. This involves regulating the temperatures of materials, tools, and measuring equipment within a range of +/- 1 degree Celsius. This meticulous control optimizes conditions and offers several benefits, including:


    • Temperature-controlled cutting fluids to minimize thermal fluctuations.
    • Components measured in climate-controlled inspection rooms.
    • Our micro-machining setup enables precise detailing and complex geometry, ensuring seamless transition from prototypes to production runs.
  • With our combined turning and milling technology, we create precision micro-turned components, offering you:

    • Small-turned components with diameters as thin as 0.1mm.
    • Precision-turned components with extremely tight tolerances.
    • Automated production 24/7.
  • We provide a range of in-house surface treatments for turned and milled components, including options like anodizing, nickel plating, and gold plating. For specialized treatments, we rely on our trusted network of partners.

  • If requested, we employ various measurement technologies, including optical measuring systems from GOM, for quality control of our micro-milled components. Depending on your documentation needs, we offer either simple sampling or comprehensive documentation. Through meticulous documentation, we ensure the accuracy of each piece, guaranteeing that our delivered product meets all your specified requirements, including precise measurements and superior quality geometries. If required, fully documented measurement reports can be provided, even for the most complex parts.

Best in class technology

Explore our broad range of turning and milling dimensions


With over 30 CNC machines we have a range of highly specialized machines to provide an optimal machine match for your dimension needs. 

    • Tolerance <4µm on the largest diameters
    • Best-in-class productivity
    • Medium to high-volume production
    • Tolerance +/- 5µm
    • Turning, drilling and simple milling​
    • Small to high-volume production
    • Tolerance +/- 5µm​
    • Turning, drilling and 5-axis milling
    • Small to high-volume production with robot handling
    • Tolerance +/- 10µm
    • Turning, drilling and 4-axis milling
    • Small to medium-volume production
    • Tolerance <+/- 5µm
    • Machine travel 160x160x200
    • Small to high-volume production

R&D project for enhancing gas analysis in medical application.

Micro milled and anodised component.

Multi-functional antenna connector.

Component for an implant user interface.

Machining-cell in climate room.

Rough machining on Mikron HSM 200U LP.

3D optical scanning.

Machined multifunctional connector housing for medical applications.


We serve industries like hearing aids, electronics, audio, medical, and automotive


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Bjørn Mølbach Krogh
Business Manager, Micromechanics (milled/turned parts)

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