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At Mekoprint, we provide a standard catalogue of EMI/EMC-shielding solutions alongside our customized offerings. Our standard EMI shielding is manufactured using fixed tools to ensure flatness tolerance below 0.12 mm, guaranteeing reliable locking and flatness. Made from 0.2 mm tin-plated steel, our standard catalogue includes two series of shielding solutions, each offering ten different sizes. 

Download the EMI/EMC standard catalogue here

  • Standard EMI/EMC-shielding solutions are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of electronic devices and applications, ensuring seamless integration without compromising performance.

  • Standard EMI/EMC-shielding solutions are designed for simple mounting and removal, allowing for convenient maintenance and reconfiguration of electronic systems.

  • Standard EMI/EMC-shielding solutions offer a balance between performance and cost, providing effective protection at a competitive price point.

  • The Meko-B10 series offers box solutions with shielding soldered directly onto the PCB, while the Meko-F20/C20 series features frames with detachable lids. The frame is soldered onto the PCB, allowing easy removal and reattachment of the lid for simplified PCB modifications

  • Products from our standard catalog can be delivered within a week, depending on requested customizations. They are shipped in tape-and-reel packaging to safeguard against dust and static discharge, preparing them for automated PCB mounting.

Order a free EMI/RFI sample

Mekoprint offers a box of EMI/RFI shielding samples that illustrate the principles described in our electronic shielding solutions.

Customized EMI/EMC-box solution with rip-off lid for easy fejlsøgning. 

Customized frame/lid EMI/EMC-solution with spot-welded innner walls and matching lid that meets the customers need for easy mounting with snap-system. 

Customized frame solution with pick and place spot delivered in tape real for SMT assembly. 

Standard frame/lid solution with embossing. 

Closed EMI/EMC-box solution attached with EMI/EMC clips for easy mounting.

Customized EMI/EMC frame securing that the frame conforms to the required footprint shape.

Henrik Groes
Area Sales Manager, Micromechanics

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